The Lee/Cushing Podcast Episode #1: The Curse of Frankenstein

In the very first episode of The Lee/Cushing Podcast, Howard and Dan discuss 1957's The Curse of Frankenstein, the British film which revolutionized horror cinema and established Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as an iconic duo.  Although it wasn't actually their first film together - listen to the episode to find out what was.

There is also an emphasis on the memorable music of the film's composer James Bernard, with the theme from 1966's The Plague of the Zombies selected from James Bernard's Jukebox.  Meanwhile which will be the first classic (or not-so-classic) film to be drawn from The Bag of Death?

At one point during the episode we rip off a joke from The Simpsons.  Good jokes deserve to be stolen.


Episode contents by timecode

00.00.01 Scene-setting

00.03.45 General introduction and tribute to Sir Christopher Lee

00.25.17 Discussion of The Curse of Frankenstein

01.00.03 James Bernard's Jukebox

01.06.37 The Bag of Death

01.13.08 Wrap-up, dedication, and what's coming up on the Horror Channel?


Stream or download the episode above, or if you prefer visual streaming you can listen via YouTube at this link.


Music tracks featured in this episode

Main themes from: The Curse of Frankenstein, The Devil Rides Out (1968), The Plague of the Zombies and Frankenstein Created Woman (1966), plus Omens of Nosferatu, from the 1996 re-release of Nosferatu (1922).  All themes composed by James Bernard.


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Finally, Dan and Howard have some upcoming theatrical endeavours they'd like to plug:

Dan appears in the acclaimed horror play The Haunting of Blaine Manor from 16-20 August in Salford.

Howard stars as Douglas Adams in a special one-off performance at the Starburst Film Festival from August 26-28 in Manchester.