The Lee/Cushing Podcast #3: Scream and Scream Again

Happy New Year, folks!  In the much-delayed third full episode of The Lee/Cushing Podcast, Howard and Dan discuss the very weird, some may say overlooked, all-star-horror-team-up-not-really that is 1970's Scream and Scream Again.

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Yes, the horrors of 2016 are over, and the horrors of 2017 are only just beginning.  Anyway we hope that getting a new full episode of the podcast out on the first day of the year might get things off to a good start.  Although the episode will lack topical comments (it was recorded back in October), we hope it will still provide plenty of interest as Howard and Dan demonstrate fairly disparate opinions about this rather odd entry in the Cushing/Lee canon which at least allows them to discuss another favourite actor, Vincent Price. It's a very in-depth chat (this may be the first episode in which we chat about a single film for almost the duration of the film itself).  Plus there is the usual comedy sketch, foray into the Bag of Death, and serenade from James Bernard's Jukebox.  In fact this episode has a host of musical offerings.


Contents by timecode:

00.00.00 - 'Spoofy opening' and intro music

00.04.02- General introduction

00.17.35 - Vincent Price

00.30.10 - Main discussion - Scream and Scream Again

01.26.03 - James Bernard's Jukebox

01.35.39 - The Bag of Death

01.54.38 - Wrap-up


Music tracks featured in this episode:

Themes from The Damned, The Devil Rides Out and Quatermass II, plus 'Black Leather Rock' and 'Omens of Nosferatu' (James Bernard)

Theme from Scream and Scream Again (David Whitaker) plus stock music alternative (unknown composer)

Song 'Scream and Scream Again' (The Amen Corner)

Song 'Thriller' (Michael Jackson, Rod Temperton, featuring Vincent Price)


Links which may be of interest:

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Trailers from Hell - Scream and Scream Again on YouTube

Scream and Scream Again clips featuring the music of David Whitaker and the Amen Corner - YouTube

Scream and Scream Again TV intro with stock music - YouTube

BBC iPlayer - the Sound of Cinema - Hammer

BBC iPlayer - Jonathan Creek Christmas Special (featuring music by David Whitaker and James Bernard in the opening sequence!)

Probably Science podcast - episode about the 'bio-engineered lifeform'

YouTube - video of the 'bio-hybrid ray'